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$CAD600 in prizes

Best Overall (3)

Prize for the best overall project in all disciplines (development, design & business)

Best Approach to Security

1. Business: Is the solution to prioritize user privacy while also being economically feasible.

2. Technical Execution: Does the product function and have clear thought about security?

3. Cohesion of interface: Does the user interface have a security focus?


Deloitte DSpace Challenge (2)

How might we help a potential investor to understand the big picture of the companies in KW tech ecosystem across different sectors/industries and access specific information for knowledge and decision making. In addition, how would one use this solution to always be ahead of the curve and also get in touch with the right companies, based on their criteria (e.g., sector/industries, capital market, competition, market raised, etc.)?


Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


The GoldenHack

The GoldenHack



Deloitte DSpace

Deloitte DSpace

Judging Criteria

  • Technical innovation and Implementation
    The team identified a unique problem and provided an innovative solution to it. How technically complex the problem is and tools used to develop the solution will be taken into account by judges.
  • Technical Execution
    Does the product function and in a way that is described? Scores in the middle with have individual components working and have communicated what the next steps to completing the product would be.
  • Creativity
    Creativity can be shown in a variety of ways! It can be through taking an out of the box approach to solving an existing problem or implementing a technical component in an interesting way.
  • Design
    The front-end is just as important as everything that goes on behind the scenes. High scorer will have taken user experience and their user interface into account. The ease of use and end user consideration for the product will be judged.
  • Business model
    Thought should be put into how the idea would be put on the market and its economic feasibility. How will customer obtain and use the product? High scorers may also address the ability to scale and overall business sustainability.
  • Pitch
    The pitch should contain content that is extremely effective at persuading the audience of the strength of the business opportunity and how your solution addresses the problem.

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